How does it work?

It's Simple

  • Join the Family and become a RICH Ambassador™;

  • Get in the conversation with our weekly mentorship calls

  • Gain access to the team, tools and technology

  • Dive into courseware designed to help you understand your why, needs, wants, desires, intentions and actions. You must have a clear direction or path to where you are going, otherwise you’ll be on a road to nowhere fast. You can get in your car and drive for a long period of time and go nowhere, but ultimately you want to arrive at a destination of your design, not by default.

  • Get familiar and focus on your foundation of systems you’ll need to be successful. Like any vehicle, all systems must be prepared, fueled and fully functional in order for it to take you to your destination.

  • Time to get into action! Now you’ll be able to hit the road and be a force for transformation for others because you are a living demonstration of what change looks like. You’ll be able to understand your client’s needs and how you can help. By revisiting the principals in our community weekly, you’ll be armed with everything you need to catapult yourself to success and your designed destination.

Products and Services You Can Refer as an Ambassador

An educative platform of some of the world’s leading edge insights, thought leadership and ideology in becoming a masterful Coach, Mentor and Speaker


Extraordinary Experiences
To Cause and Create Mastery

What you get?


  • Video Library Access to videos on how to speak, one to one, one to few, one to many. Peak performance from some of the worlds top athletes
    and successful entrepreneurs. Sales by Coaching training from the best in the business and more.


  • Online Profile landing page to send people
    to let them know what you are doing and
    how it can help them

  • Pre-made registration links and forms for
    your network to join and attend free calls

  • Access to your own back office portal to
    view your video library, calendar of calls and
    tracking your network activity and
    transactions so you can make money

  • Dedicated email and cloud account


  • LIVE Weekly Group coaching calls to attend on subjects like money, wealth and worth.

  • Prepared social posts and emails for you to distribute

  • Internal Community chat with other Ambassadors

  • Hands-free site hosting, form and page maintenance from our team

  • Ticket support

Why Become a RICH Ambassador?

All the key components of building a scalable and sustainable business for the future

The Timing

Perfect timing for a change

The Team

A forward-thinking team of professionals

The Demand

An insatiable appetite for services

The Demand

An insatiable appetite for services

Low Cost To Enter

Think Big
Start Small

Frequently Asked Questions

  • RICH Ladies Mastermind

  • The Sport of RICH

  • Courageous Conversations

  • Coach2Coach

  • Life RICH Plan Primer

  • You can pay monthly with a credit card of your choice
  • We provide you with tools and resources in your ambassador portal
  • You will have to invoice us by the 15th of the following month (example: if you have commissions in April, you have to invoice by the 15th of May). You will be paid via your PayPal account within 30 days. If you do not invoice by the 15th, you will lose the commissions.

  • Yes, other opportunities include:

    RICH Labs™, RICH TV™, RICH U™, RICH Events™, RICH Retreats™, RICH Wealth™

  • We have a team that puts together the marketing materials that you will be able to promote/share on your social media.

  • All guidelines are available in your ambassador portal

  • All taxes are included in the $149 usd. Canadian will be charge there tax rate based on their postal code.

  • If they use your referral link, yes. If your friend has their own referral link then no.

  • You will get support as an ambassador. From technical support, to marketing and sales

  • If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the program. All commissions are forfeited upon cancellation of your membership

  • Yes, your account has to be a minimum of $20 before payout

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