Shift Your Relationship With Money, Wealth and Worth

Rich is committed to people seeking to grow richer in the things that matter most and leading the way through a NEW Urban Financial Life Philosophy, so you can live, lead, and leave a financial legacy by design, not by default.

"Richard’s work is timely,
purposeful and powerful."

Indian-American Author & Alternative-Medicine Advocate

"Richard is a great coach
because he cares about you."

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World​

"Richard is brilliant at
what he does."

American Host & Philanthropist

"Richard’s approach to create and realize a LEGACY-based life is revolutionary."

Business Magnate, Investor, Author & Philanthropist

"I appreciate Richard and the impact he makes in the world."

42nd President of The United States​
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Richard Dolan Helps You Live a Great Financial Life

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Here’s The Same Financial Advice Given To Mike Tyson And Supercar Builder Horacio Pagani

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One man's dream: create one million, millionaires

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How to seize the financial opportunity despite economic uncertainty cause by the Covid-19...

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7 Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020.

Richard Dolan helps secure your financial legacy.

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Lookback: An Exclusive Interview With Richard Dolan

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Richard Dolan on Reaching Success Through His Specialized Approach

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From Tribulations to Triumph: The Inspiring Success Story of Richard Dolan



RICH WEALTH is a Mastermind led by Rich where he shares his network that took him over 25-years to curate.

Representing some of the world’s best-in-class thinkers, leaders and opinion shapers inside the realm of real estate, income planning and financial literacy; these experts embolden you and your financial life so to move the needle in what matters most.

Connect, collaborate, and converse with financial life leaders that care about your financial future here.


RICH WEALTH is a gathering of the top in-the-trenches real estate experts, economic leaders, research analysts, and real estate investors from across the globe. Connect, collaborate, and immerse yourself in world-class education and real estate investment strategies and current market products.


Actionable Intelligence for People Seeking More

RICH Labs is at the heart of The Global Financial Life Research project. This project is searching, securing, and distilling financial life data and trends, that will aid in shifting people’s mindsets so they can live a
Great Financial Life.

RICH Labs leverages research areas such as Happiness Economics, Behavioural Finance, and Investor Resilience to design curricula, coaching, and certificate programs for investors and financial professionals. The goal is to teach Financial Life Leaders, how to live, lead, and leave a legacy.


Within the RICH Vault lives a wide variety of mentorship calls led by Rich himself. The focus is on teaching you how to define and develop a legacy-mindset, raise your financial game, and hear from fellow thought leaders and action-takers on how to achieve a Great Financial Life.

Teaching you how to grow RICHER in money, wealth, and worth.

Do You Want to Be One of the Thousand Entrepreneurs I Help Realize Their REAL RICH WORTH and POTENTIAL Over the Next 5-Years?

If you are a Financial Professional (Advisor, Planner, Agent), provide a Money-Based Service (such as accounting, real estate sales, legal advice, etc.) or are simply an Entrepreneur that wants to shift their relationship to money, wealth, and worth – start here.

Join RICH U for $99/month and access:

  • Over 150+ hours of pre-recorded training, coaching, and programs featuring Rich
  • Access The Life RICH Plan™ PRIMER Program (valued at $250)
  • Regularly receive NEW workshops on living a Great Financial Life with topics
    including mindset, motivation, finding your purpose, growing your prowess, developing clarity, getting into action, and much more…
  • Receive discounts and membership pricing on all courses, certifications, events, and apparel.

This is your first step in realizing your Financial Life and Future.

“If you want something you've never had, then you must do something you have never done”

RICH EVENTS is an exclusive set of events hosted personally by Richard Dolan and his team. They promise an epic experience RICH in magic and meaning representing an elegant fusion of study, play and adventure all built on the foundation of getting your relationship right with money, wealth and worth.

My FREE gift
as a catalyst to a RICH self:


The Seven Steps to Unleashing Your Imagination and Designing a Great Financial Life


Richard Dolan's Courageous Conversations podcast features global icons, thought leaders or opinion makers alongside Richard as they discuss what it takes to live and lead a courageous life

Past guests include the likes of Mike Tyson, Larry King, David Hasselhoff, Dwight Howard, Jim Kwik and many others.



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About Richard Dolan

"Advisor to Icons, Legends, and Gods of Culture and Commerce"

Billions raised. Millions reached. Thousands shared. Hundreds endorsed. Richard is a Special Adviser – sought out worldwide by icons, legends, and gods of culture and commerce, seeking counsel on navigating an optimal path upward in their business, their brand, and their legacy. Richard leads The Global Financial Life Research project whose purpose is to consolidate data, analytics, research, and findings on the future of our relationship with ‘more’ in the realm of money, wealth, and worth.

Richard authored his very own Urban Financial Life Philosophy following a 30-year tenure in the financial services, wealth management, and real estate investment industries. Leveraging research areas such as performance psychology, happiness economics, behavioural finance, and investor resilience – Richard has codified a NEW conversation for living, leading, and leaving a legacy by design and not by default.

Richard has worked with former US Presidents, CEO’s, billionaires, broadcast tycoons, and athletes including gold medalists, world champs, and undisputed heavy weight champions of the world. He has also provided thought leadership to artists, musicians, philanthropists, social activists, and members of The Royal Family. Richard has offices in New York, Toronto, and Miami.

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