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Bobby Grossi

If you need to understand what it takes to overcome adversity, Bobby can help. Despite humble beginnings, losing 5 friends in a single year, and some personal turmoil – he has come out the otherside a better husband, grew his business by 25%, and is more masterful than before. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make a positive impact while scaling your business, then he is the man to call.

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Katie Shea

Katie is about three things – leading by example, raising the standard you live by, and growing your business with intention. Her strong single mindedness will shift the way you work from choppy and stale to intentional and efficient. She wants to help you achieve what matters to you.

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Keith Uthe

A conversation has 2 people, and Keith cares about both of them. He launched his High Performance Lab with great success and has used his prowess to grow his mortgage business with a close rate over 80%. How? By caring about the other person. His purpose is “everyone is living a life of abundance” and he uses his mission to help his clients do exactly that – build future sustained wealth.

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Louis Ioannou

As a Financial Life Professional, Louis can help you plan, prepare and prosper in your pursuit of a Great Financial Life. Like a GPS for route planning, Louis can be your guide to achieve that which you desire most. Work with him to plug in where you want to go and where you are, so he can identify the safest route for you take on the road to your Great Financial Life, a life that is whole, complete and performing. Get your free assessment today!

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Mark Jean

Mark is about excitment and putting yourself out in the world, so if you feel the blues, Mark is a man on a mission to move you from blue to great. His persistent energy and leadership through communication means he can help you transform your conversations and relationships with others.

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Marlene Quiroz

Marlene is full of personality and her mission is to ignite humanity by helping anyone who wants more in life. As a business woman, coach, and mentor, she is fully equipped to ignite people and help them grow. Marlene has transformed herself, and is ready to help you realign your priorities, regain your time and attention, and get excited to engage new people and conversations.

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Neema Mbowe

Neema believes in empowering others to take control of their lives from the same things you have over come. That is to say, being a living demonstration. With a focus on the real estate and personal development space, Neema has a knack for helping people eliminate small tasks from their calendar and then taking regaining control of their health, happiness, and money.

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Niran Kulathungam

Niran is operating with greater self awareness and confidence than ever before, and is helping people create an outcome even if they don’t know all the steps to get there. Full of excitement for the future, Niran’s calling is to help people drain the bad from their life and refill it with greatness by answering three problems around money, meaning, and self leadership.

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Suzanne Zaleski

Suzanne is a woman on fire. As a coach and speaker, her goal for herself and for you is to be a better version of you this day next year. Suzanne knows what it takes to get better, and that is a vision and a growth mindset. She is equipped to help all her clients reignite their passion and possibilities by helping them create a clear vision.

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Vincent Sundar

Vincent has taken the route of looking hard in the mirror to transform himself, his relationships, and his conversations with friends and family. It’s no longer small talk, it’s impact communcation. Now speaking from stage with confidence, Vincent’s mission is that all people are inspired so each person can give back to the community something that is uniquely theirs and desired by others.

Tarah Flynn

Tarah Flynn is a real estate professional and proud Leduc native, committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in her community. By attending city council meetings and touring the area regularly, she provides her clients with the most comprehensive information to make informed decisions. Tarah values honesty and integrity, always keeping her clients’ best interests in mind. She helps her clients make decisions that will lead to the future they have always dreamed of, whether buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Tarah takes pride in finding families their dream homes where they can build their future.

"Richard’s work is timely,
purposeful and powerful."

Indian-American Author & Alternative-Medicine Advocate

"Richard is a great coach
because he cares about you."

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World​

"Richard is brilliant at
what he does."

American Host & Philanthropist

"Richard’s approach to create and realize a LEGACY-based life is revolutionary."

Business Magnate, Investor, Author & Philanthropist

"I appreciate Richard and the impact he makes in the world."

42nd President of The United States​

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I am on a mission to cause and create one thousand millionaires by 2025.

I will fulfill this by providing motivation, education and programs to equip, empower and embolden those looking to powerfully shift their relationship with money, wealth and worth – and live a Great Financial Life; one that is whole, complete and performing.

– Richard Dolan

Richard is a seven-figure earning coach, mentor, author, and speaker. He produces thought leadership on the conditions for optimizing human performance derived from research areas such as performance psychology, neuroscience, happiness economics and investor resilience and applies it to human being obsessed with results such as entrepreneurs, workplace leaders, global brands and investors,

Richard Dolan

“The Coach of Coaches”

Billions Raised. Millions Reached.
Thousands Shared. Hundreds Endorsed.

Richard is a seven-figure earning coach, mentor, author, and speaker. He produces thought leadership on the conditions for optimizing human performance derived from research areas such as performance psychology, neuroscience, happiness economics and investor resilience and applies it to human beings obsessed with results such as entrepreneurs, workplace leaders, global brands and investors.

He has applied ‘performance-based thinking’ to over twelve publications on subjects such as wealth, branding, business, leadership, personal and professional success, life and motivation.

Richard’s urban financial life philosophy is based on the premise that life is a game. We play the game for fun or to win. And that is a conscious act and decision. The moment you decide you want to play to win, the next question is: are you playing like an amateur or like a professional?

The moment you get that getting your relationship right with money, wealth and worth starts with your views on how to play the game, the opportunity to really win emerges.