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Richard Dolan

"The Coach of Coaches"

Billions Raised. Millions Reached. Thousands Shared. Hundreds Endorsed.

Richard is a seven-figure earning coach, mentor, author, and speaker.  He produces thought leadership on the conditions for optimizing human performance derived from research areas such as performance psychology, neuroscience, happiness economics and investor resilience and applies it to human beings obsessed with results such as entrepreneurs, workplace leaders, global brands and investors.

He has applied ‘performance-based thinking’ to over twelve publications on subjects such as wealth, branding, business, leadership, personal and professional success, life and motivation.

Richard’s urban financial life philosophy is based on the premise that life is a game. We play the game for fun or to win.  And that is a conscious act and decision.  The moment you decide you want to play to win, the next question is: are you playing like an amateur or like a professional?

The moment you get that getting your relationship right with money, wealth and worth starts with your views on how to play the game, the opportunity to really win emerges.



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LIVE Weekly Digital Workshop for Coaches, Trainers & Speakers to Elevate Their Game & Embolden Their Approach.

Grab a pencil and take notes as Richard releases coaching and speaker tips, tricks and true methods.
Listen and learn from Richard as he helps you become a person to lead and speak one on one, one to a few and one to many.


Once a month Live event  featuring a global icon, thought leader or opinion maker alongside Richard as they discuss what it takes to live and lead a courageous life.

Past guests include the likes of Mike Tyson, Larry King, David Hasselhoff, Dwight Howard and Jim Kwik to name a few.

LIVE Weekly show focused on shifting your relationship to money, wealth and worth.

A series of new technologies, financial psychologies and philosophies, so you can get better equipped on shifting and if not transforming your relationship to money, your wealth and your worth.



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