Richard Dolan

Creating, Playing & Winning Your Money Game™

Creating financial futures through real estate-based investments rich in growth, diversity, equality and cash flow.

Richard Dolan

Creating, Playing & Winning Your Money Game™

Creating financial futures through real estate-based investments rich in growth, diversity, equality and cash flow.

The RICH WEALTH™ Mission

Creating 1 million new millionaires by 2030

using our methodology, leveraging real estate-based investments rich in growth, diversity, equality and cash flow

When you enter this realm, the talks are focused on one thing - getting financially RICH. This is your gateway to learn from guests who are innovators and industry leaders as Richard interviews them on new and relevant topics such as real estate, crypto currency, and NFTs. And these are just a few of the asset classes they will discuss. A new world of money lives inside these conversations.

RICH Guides™

The world is always changing, and you are always dealing with change, therefore, your knowledge and discussions of money in your life need to be consistently renewed. The RICH Guides are a series of white papers published by Richard Dolan to excite and embolden your approach to growing rich not only financially, but in all the areas that matter. The Great Financial Life is built to help you gracefully and viscerally become attuned to your motivations for wanting money and all the areas it impacts.

We bring you education on new asset classes and new money conversations, as a result, our definition of wealth needs to be updated so we don’t try to force old ways of thinking into a new world. By clicking here, you are taking the first step to aligning your money conversation with a new definition of wealth – designed by you and working for you.

The RICH Advisor is the reimagined financial advisor. The old way of thinking was achieving financial returns by speaking of stocks and bonds. The new paradigm of thinking highlights that money doesn’t operate in a bubble but permeates all areas of our life. The RICH Advisor was created so they could help clients have this conversation.

Technology and social media have redefined what it means to be a celebrity. It is now possible for once unknown people to erupt onto the celebrity scene by influencing the thousands or millions of those who follow them on social media. Enter here to uncover the new realm of celebrity equity and how this presents an opportunity for you.

RICH Programs™

The traditional financial advisor is focused on achieving returns and doing so in a technical manner that exists inside a money bubble. The reality, however, is that money doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and it impacts all facets of our life. The RICH Advisor is the re-invented advisor that understands people have a money life, or said another way, money acts in different ways in all areas of a person life. The Rich Advisor Certificate is the training course designed to develop a RICH Advisor that can help a client navigate and align ALL their life goals and desires with their financial decisions.

The Life Rich Plan is a feature filled workshop guaranteed to shake you out of a haze of doubts, don’ts, and daunting stuff that is forcing you to play small and in direct opposition to the greater potential you already know that you possess. This strain that you feel taking place inside of you is why you are here. Get ready, set aside 3 hours, and work along the Life Rich Plan workshop to completely revitalize your focus, efforts, attention, intentions, and the meaning of things in your life.

RICH Vault™

The Challenger Report

Challenges in our life come in many forms but they usually present in terms of physical health, natural disaster, divorce, or economic downturn. It is imperative you discuss your financial well being through these lenses because their occurrence isn’t uncommon. You need to be prepared or you could be wiped out. It is your responsibility.

What Could Go Wrong?

Life is filled with ups and downs, and almost all these triumphs and setbacks are intertwined and affect your financial state. It is critical to plan for setbacks when times are plentiful and quiet, because doing things frantically is no way to regain control or mitigate risk. Take the first step to defining and filling the gaps in your financial life, so you can weather a crisis.

Why Money Will Elude You

Everyone focuses on how to earn, save, and invest money, but they most often fail to consider the aspects of themselves or their life that contribute to its elusiveness. In this whitepaper, Richard Dolan presents a disruptive view of how savers and investors fail to generate consistent cashflow for their life. Check if any of these factors exist in your life.

The Financial Life Quotient™ (FLQ) is a tool that you can use to determine your relationship to money in your life, as measured through organization, focus, readiness, and literacy. Identify the gaps by using this tool, and then fill them to create a more resilient financial life.

It is often said if you don’t set a plan for your life, you will become a part of someone else’s. The opportunity here is for you to be bold, ask the tough questions, and answer them earnestly by completing The Financial Life Plan™. Using this tool will bring a consciousness to view of your entire financial life, so you can then – by design – bring into harmony your money, wealth, and worth.

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The Money Clinic™

Never before has a 1-day workshop been built to unequivocally transform the conversation and life you have around money. Built upon over 50 years of combined research in performance psychology and behavioral economics, The Money Clinic™ will guide you through a logical step-by-step process to uncover where your money beliefs came from, how they inflate or deflate you, and guided steps to recalibrate your conversations around money so that all of it works for your benefit.


We will match 100% of every dollar earned and donate it in educative services that will cause and create financial equality in less-advantaged neighborhoods across North America.

Leading RICH WEALTH™ is Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is a 30-year investment banking, real estate veteran, author and coach

  • Richard has been featured by Oprah, Ellen and Dr. Phil.

  • Richard has been featured in: Entrepreneur, Forbes, USA Today, Ocean Drive, L’Officiel, Bangkok Post, London Daily Post, Wall Street International and more…

  • Richard has been called one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs to Watch This Decade by Entrepreneur and USA Today.

  • Richard has toured alongside the likes of US Presidents Obama, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Bush Sr. as well as former First Lady, Michelle Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

  • Richard has coached thousands of investors, mentored hundreds of advisors and raised over $10B in assets to date.

  • Richard authored his very own urban financial life philosophy based on 30-years of research including research areas such as investor resilience, happiness economics and behavioural finance
  • Richard created the ‘RICH’ educative-ecosystem based in program learning, coaching and leadership to empower and embolden people serious about causing and creating a NEW and powerful financial future for themselves, one rich in confidence and free of compromise
  • Richard called this quest ‘RICH WEALTH™’
  • Richard believes there is a correlation between people and their money, and if corrected, even empowered – would give rise to a NEW way of people being, living and experiencing their life

  • Richard believes how one lives and leads defines what one leaves, their Legacy

  • One’s Legacy can be lived and realized by creating a certain and confident financial future through real estate-based investments rich in growth, diversity, equality and cash flow

  • Richard’s track record and initiative has been covered in the media being featured in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily, US News, Fox News, The London Times

Track Record

Richard has advised and led iconic brands such as Pagani Automobili / Horatio Pagani developing a global business-expansion plan, Chanel working with the chief cultural officer on youngifying the retail approach, Dragons’ Den / Sharks’ Tank (SONY) curriculumizing their digital programming for academia, Drake (Virginia Black Whiskey) providing digital brand intelligence for renewed global sales strategy and Louis XIII / Rémy Martin providing a digital brand recalibration generating 200% + growth in sales.

Thought Leadership

Richard developed an urban philosophy on growing and empowering ones relationship with money, wealth and worth through research areas and thought leadership he’s been published 14 times including: Performance Pyschology, Behavioural Finance, Happiness Economics and Investor Resilience.