TV that teaches you how to get richer in money, wealth, and worth.


TV that teaches you how to get richer in money, wealth, and worth.

Everybody has 24-hours in a day in which to get everything done, so managing your tasks is important. With RICH TV, you are wisely spending your time directing your attention to learning and growing your legacy mindset, raising your financial game, and hearing from professionals about what it takes to achieve what you desire. An entire sleight of programs is available that focus on education for teenagers, a discussion exclusively for women, and a program for those wanting to become coaches. When you engage programs like The Sport of Rich and Courageous Conversations, you get an in-depth view of what you need to do to redefine your financial life, your legacy, and the standard you wish to live up to. RICH TV is your gateway to stay focused on the important conversations of life.

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Living and leading a life less vulnerable and more invincible starts here.

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Wednesdays at 4:30pm EST / 1:30pm PST

Open call for women looking to become a financial force in their lives and the lives of women worldwide.

Richard is delighted to launch RICH Ladies, a women’s movement to have women recreate for themselves the self-sufficiency and efficiencies they deserve as women, as mothers, as the matriarchs of this world to empower them and each other.

Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST / 3:30pm PST

Help your teenager design their own financial game

Teenagers start to grip the reality of making and spending money as they get their first job, take on more responsibility, and finally peak into the seemingly endless choices they will need to make in life. By enrolling your teenager in the RICH TEENS conversation, you are engaging them in a class of their peers and learning from stalwart experts in performance, psychology, and finance. Inside this course, new and bigger opportunities will come into focus for your child, as well as the guidance required to set a high and rigorous standard to live through that will be the foundation for high performance in all aspects of their life. Its about mastery and excellence, by choice.

Make an impact by leading life like a coach

Coach2Coach body copy: Whether you are training to become a full-time coach or want to add a new communication tool to your skillset, this course is built for you to make a bigger impact in life by living it like a coach.  Learn ground-breaking techniques in performance analysis, psychological awareness, communication prowess, and commercialization.  The standard in which you live life is about to elevate.

Learn from guest speakers who are high profile and champions in their field.

Previous guests include: Larry King, Mike Tyson, Sarah Ferguson – The Duchess of York, Jim Kwik, David Hasselhoff, Tony Hawk, Dominique Wilkins, Noah Schwartz, Dwight Howard, Marlon Wayans, Vitor Belfort, Elena Cardone, Patrice Meignan, Aaron Gilbert, Roy Jones Jr., and many others…