Discover how to become a RICH Advisor to be a powerful force for people who want to get their relationship right with their life's purpose, their money, wealth and worth.

November 15th, 2021

Everybody has a relationship with money. It may be one of pleasantries and victories, or it may be one hampered by distress and defeat. Regardless of which path more closely echoes your own, it doesn’t mean you have everything in order when it comes to your relationship NOT just with money – but wealth and worth. When you Listen to Money Mentorship, you will learn that money, wealth, and worth are different and can immensely impact your life.

I am on a mission to cause and create one thousand millionaires by 2025.

I will fulfill this by providing motivation, education and programs to equip, empower and embolden those looking to powerfully shift their relationship with money, wealth and worth - and live a Great Financial Life; one that is whole, complete and performing.

- Richard Dolan

Richard is a seven-figure earning coach, mentor, author, and speaker. He produces thought leadership on the conditions for optimizing human performance derived from research areas such as performance psychology, neuroscience, happiness economics and investor resilience and applies it to human beings obsessed with results such as entrepreneurs, workplace leaders, global brands and investors.