RICH Presenter Pointer


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The RICH Presenter Pointer is your key to presenting like a pro! Our embedded technology makes it easy for you to flip through slides with the push of a button. With this pointer, you can bring your presentations to life in an instant.

The RICH Presenter Pointer’s ergonomic design has been crafted for maximum comfort and is lightweight – ensuring that you never feel weighed down mid-presentation. The slim, sleek look projects professionalism and adds sophistication to any presentation.

Our advanced laser technology is designed not only for smooth performance but maximum visibility. You’ll be able to see points of interest even from afar – making sure that no one in the audience misses out on the details. Not only that, but its wireless connection ensures that you have complete freedom while presenting – do moves weaves, circles, and swirls at will – impressing everyone in the room with your natural flow!

End every presentation feeling confident knowing that with the RICH Presenter Pointer, you’ve nailed it every time! Get yours today and make sure you always take center stage!