Life Performance

What, exactly, do you want? What does it look like? What will it take you to acquire, maintain and share those things that are integral to your destiny with others? The men and women who lay claim to their destiny see through obstacles to the possibilities that exist. It is not enough to simply wish for something; it is not enough to simply hope for something. The giants of history have desired those things that they focused on with such intensity as to render their potent thoughts indistinguishable from physical facts. They willed their riches into existence with the power of their focus and belief. They vividly saw things not as they are, but as they would be, and it worked.

So, how do you intend to create the wealth you desire? You must create a whole new entity in your life called “wealth creation” or this activity will simply be buried under everything else in your schedule that is simply called “life.” As much as some may profess to the contrary, people almost never accumulate wealth for the sake of having the money. People want to amass large fortunes because of what they believe the money will bring them. They are driven to become wealthy, not for the cash, but for the proverbial payoff. So, what is driving you? What road to prosperity will you choose?

The Wealth Mastery Playbook is your guide to financial destiny. At your side is an author who is “rich” in many senses of the word–in monetary terms, in family, in life, in the realization of dreams. Let Richard Dolan assist you on your own road to realize your own dreams.


12-Month Plan