Life RICH Plan Primer for $99




There are times in one’s life where things might feel stale, disinterested, mundane, and generally lack ‘fire’. If you have identified that, then this course is going to set you up to identify the obstacles and design a goal and state of wholeness that you want to achieve.  Learn about the 8 Great Waits that cause inaction and the fear that fuels it. You may have felt something was amiss but couldn’t articulate it – until now.  At the end of this course, you will have a greater awareness of the obstacles that you face so you can eliminate them. That leaves room for the exciting part – creating a Life Rich Plan.  You will be guided through the 10 steps of the Life Rich Plan to layout out the foundation for achieving the life and goals that you designed for you. This workshop requires participation for best results so take out that pen and be ready to reprogram your mindset for action.


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