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Life Rich Plan Primer: The Workshop

Today you learn that life rich means a standard of life you live up to and through in all 10 major areas of your life. Ultimately, the goal is for you to design what you want for your life and be a living demonstration of it so you can teach others to do the same for themselves. Life doesn’t make it easy for anyone to do this. Be attentive to what gets in people’s ways: the 8 Great Waits, 3 major fears that lie behind them, the filters that people use to mask fear and inaction, as well as the Confidence Crisis whose outcome is inaction that is fueled by doubt’s, don’ts, and daunting stuff. Do you have greater awareness now of what might plague you in some areas of your life?

Now that you know some things to watchout for as a coach and student, it is time to start the process of reprogramming your mind and recalibrating your focus, so you are ready to make new choices, design your own plan, and take new actions towards your clearly defined goals. Part of making this a reality, is to diligently note the 10 Principles of the Life Rich Plan, AND the order in which you must complete each step. Affectionately known as A10, they are the meat and potatoes of the workshop and the plan you need to achieve MORE.