The Financial Life Professional was born out of the realization that people need to understand the mechanics, the strategies and the science behind money, wealth and worth, but equally, and importantly, do so cognizant of what it takes to create in live from a life by design. So, bringing them together is where we begin becoming a Financial Life Professionals really becoming a money Sherpa, a money coach, a money leader, if I may, and you first should know that you must be a demonstration of the work we’re about to go through. So, this incredible course that we’ve prepared for you not only comes from a very rich history of seeing billions of dollars, work through thousands of lives, where we understand the net result of good Financial Thought Leadership. The real power is in understanding how that could be transformed at any level, at any stage in one’s life, starting with you. So, becoming a Financial Life Professionals the decision that you’ve made, and the opportunity at hand is for you to really move the needle for people in their relationship to money, wealth and worth. That needle will move as a result of the person you will become, the profession that you are now entering, the business you will build in, the lives you will touch, you will become an architect, the curator, the engineer to a great financial life plan for people so that they can do really well because of your thoughtfulness because you’re listening and then more importantly, because of your leadership.

So, let’s begin!