The Financial Life Professional Foundation Certificate

The Financial Life Professional™ lives at the crossroads of two critical discoveries: – the discovery of one’s relationship with all things financial – the discovery of one’s relationship with their life’s intentions, goals and aspirations. By engaging in a courageous conversation with the help of tools, technology, and proprietary processes, a Financial Life Professional™ helps people bring these two relationships together to create a Great Financial Life™– a life that is whole, complete, and performing financially.

In this course you will learn and be provided with all the tools, lexicon and strategies on how to help others get their relationship right with Money, Wealth and Worth.

Estimated Time to complete = 240 minutes

Module 1 – Introductions
Module 2 – Ideation
Module 3 – Profile
Module 4 – Plan
Module 5 – Prepare
Module 6 – Partner
Module 7 – Prosper
Become a Financial Life Professional

Course Curriculum

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