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Courageous Conversations is about asking people – celebrities and champions in their fields – about success, setbacks, and how life presented itself in moments of hardship and victory. When you participate in these conversations, you may get the chance to spend a few moments speaking directly to the champs and ask a question to gain an impactful insight for you and the other guests. You are going to encounter happy stories, sad stories, tragic stories, and victorious ones too.

Learn from guest speakers who are high profile and champions in their field. Get a chance to ask questions 1-on-1 and enjoy the learning experience.


Larry King • Mike Tyson • Sarah Ferguson – The Duchess of York • Jim Kwik • David Hasselhoff • Tony Hawk • Dominique Wilkins • Noah Schwartz • Dwight Howard • Marlon Wayans • Vitor Belfort • Elena Cardone • Patrice Meignan • Aaron Gilbert • Roy Jones Jr. • Amar’e Stoudamire • Nate Robinson • Vinay Virmani • Finola Hughes • Robert Hite • Carlos Boozer • Jon Dorenbos • Gen (Ret.) Rick Hillier • Karl Wolf • And others…